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International Marriage --- Thanks to WorldFriends Networks … we are thrilled and overjoyed.

Thanks to WorldFriends Networks … we are thrilled and overjoyed.
Vic and Elizabeth

International MarriageOn October. 9th, 2003, a young lady through your services e-mail me, calling herself Pinky. We've e-mail through about April and then she called me and we have been talking on the phone ever since. I travel to HongKong to meet her and her family and friends which at that time I asked her to be my wife and to live with me here in the U.S. We are now in the process of a Finacee Visa, which will take about 4-6 months. Hopefully some time in February. or March of 2005, we will be married. I love this woman with all my heart and though I was quite content with my life before I ever met her. Now I wonder how I can live without her. Without WorldFriends Networks this might have never happened.


Vic Riggs
From the both of us, thanks to WorldFriends Networks. We are thrilled and over-joy to have our story on your web-site. The same day you sent your e-mail to us, HomeLand Security also informed us that our visa has been approved. Now thats fate!!!!! The picture is from our meeting together in HongKong last July. Again, a Big Thanks to all of you.


P.S. We will let you know when we are married!!!!!

感谢 WorldFriends Networks ... 我们感到兴奋和狂喜
Vic and Elizabeth

2003年10月9日,一位年轻的女士透过你们的服务去联络我,她称呼自己做Pinky. 我们从四月开始互相用电邮联络,之後她就叫我用电话打给她聊天。我到香港旅游时见了她,她的家人和朋友,就在当时我向她求婚,要求她与我一起去美国居住。我们现在正在办理签,需时4至6个月,希望可以在 2005年2月或3月结婚。我爱这个女子,我遇到她之前我认为我已经满足,但现在我担心如果没有她我能否生存下去。感谢 WorldFriends Networks.

Vic Riggs
我们二人都很感谢WorldFriends Networks. 我们都很乐意你们将这故事放在你的网页中. 在你寄email给我的同一日, HomeLand Security 都寄了email给我们, 通知我们签已经批!!!!! 这将相片是我们7月在香港拍的. 再次感谢你们,

P.S. 我们会通知你有关结婚的事宜!!!!!


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