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Sanniang Bay

   Sanniang Bay
Sanniang Bay
(sān niáng wān 三娘湾) is located on the seaside in Xiniujiao Town (xī niú jiǎo zhèn 犀牛脚镇) of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region (guǎng xī zhuàng zú zì zhì qū 广西壮族自治区). It is about 38 kilometers away from the urban area of Qinzhou City (qīn zhōu shì 钦州市). On the back of the bay, there is the Wulei Mountain (wū léi shān 乌雷山). The white beach is hidden in the thick woods of mangrove. It is an ideal place for sightseeing, fishing and appreciating the cultural relics.

Sanpo StoneThere is an old saying goes that long ago, there were only three handsome young men living in Sanniang Bay. They stuck together and helped each other in difficulties. One day, three fairies coming to the bay and attracted by the beautiful sites of the bay and moved by the assiduous young men. They decided to marry with the young men. However, the god of heaven permitted them just living in the world for three years. Every day, the young men fished on the sea, while the fairies were weaving at home. They were living a happy life. Three days was passed, but the three fairies forgot to go back, which made the god of heave angry. He lifted big wave and strong wind when the young men were fishing on the sea. The three fairies were waiting for their husband for several days but finally got the news of their death. The three fairies turned to granites, standing on the beach forever. The three pieces of granites are called Sanpo Stone (sān pó shí 三婆石). The bay is also named after the stones.

Moon Beach
Dolphins in the Sea

The Moon Beach (yuè liàng shā tān 月亮沙滩) is about 1.5 kilometers long, with blue waves and green forests. In the forest, the Sanpo Stones are standing in the stone boat. To the west of the stone, there is the Gouzai Rock (gǒu zǎi shí 狗仔石). In the sea, there is the Pig Stone (mǔ zhū shí 母猪石), which is like a sleeping pig. To the east, there are the Shaiyu Rock and ancient battery.

Sunset on the Bay
Nightview of the Bay

Sanniang Bay is famous for the dolphins. On the bay, you can always see the dolphins playing in the sea, and hear the noise they make. On the bay, you can enjoy the sunrise and sunset, visit the Fubo Temple (fú bō miào 伏波庙), and Weide Temple (wēi dé sì 威德寺). Or you can take a ship, put out to the sea and taste the fresh seafood.

Sanniang Bay
Xiniujiao Town, Qinzhou City
Admission fee: CNY 30
Opening hours: all day
Transportation: you can take bus at Qinzhou Bus Station to Sanniangwan. Or you can take a ship, put out to the sea and taste the fresh seafood
Attractions nearby: Liufeng Mountain Scenic Area


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