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Tianchi Canyon

Tianchi Canyon

Located at 111 State Road, east of the Huangtuliang Town (huáng tǔ liáng 黄土梁), 26 kilometers away from Huairou District (huái róu qū 怀柔区), the "Back Garden of Beijing (hòu huā yuán 后花园)", Tianchi Canyon (tiān chí xiá 天池峡谷) is a scenic spot with the lush forests, clear water, fresh air and stunning scenery. Mountains of over 1,000 square meters of "Tianchi" reduces noise resulting in clear water.

Tianchi Canyon's sceneryIt consists of the 1,000 square meter. Feature attractions are Tian Chi Lake (tiān chí 天池), Wen Tao Gully (wén tāo 闻涛谷)(Wave-sound Hearing Gully), the Qing Ren Gully (qíng rén 情人谷)(Lover's Gully) and the Xiu Xian Cave (xīu xián dòng 休闲洞)(Leisure Cave). The cave is more than 200 meters deep, piercing through mountains. Spelunkers will find the tea house and chess room within to be quite cozy as the temperature within the cave is constant year round. There is also an 80 meter natural rock-climbing field, which was the venue for the 1988 Chinese national rock-climbing competition.

LakeMost ironic of all, it is to children in the middle surrounded by steep mountains of over 1,000 square meters of the water. A bird's eye view from the hills, "Tianchi Lake", rippling blue waves, which just looks like a piece of jade embedded in the mountains, is really amazing.

BoatingTianchi Canyon have unique entertainment facilities, courteous service, such as Chess Room, teahouses. The climate here is pretty pleasant and is compared to be the thermostat for four seasons. When to mention Tianchi Canyon in September, clear sky, the clearer water, more hill show are the best words to discribe Tianchi Canyon. Kiwi wild in the mountains, pecan, hazelnut and some other fruits will have a maturity of the season in the mountains around at that time, you can feel the joy of harvest.

Scenic Map

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Location: Huangtuliang Town (huáng tǔ liáng 黄土梁), Huairou District (huái róu qū 怀柔区).
Ticket: 20 RMB
Tel: 010-61622108
Opening hours: 6:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Transportation routes: Take 918 from Dongzhi Gate (dōng zhí mén 东直门) to Huairou, transfer to take a minibus.
Recommended time for a visit: Two hours.
Best season to go: From Feb. to Nov.

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