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Jingdong Canyon

Jingdong Canyon

 (jīng dōng dà xiá 京东大峡谷), located north of Yuzishan Village (yú zǐ shān 鱼子山), Pinggu District (píng qū 平谷区), some 85 km (53 miles) east of downtown Beijing (běi jīng 北京), features several historical sights, a beautiful hike through apricot and pine trees as well as a small water park. Since its opening in 1992, many visitors have flocked to the area and it is a well-known scenic area in Beijing and Tianjin (tiān jīn 天津). The canyon, Also called Wulongtan (wǔ lóng tán 五龙潭)("Deep Pool of Five Dragons") Grand Canyon, measures 6 square kilometers which bounds with fantastic caves, deep ponds, bizarre peaks and running waterfalls.

CanyonFrom an aerial view the canyon, thanks to its many water surfaces, looks like a glittering gem inlaid within the triangle formed by the three big cities of Beijing, Tianjing, and Tangshan (táng shān 唐山). The scenic area has more than 60 tourist attractions. At the bottom of the canyon, there are five deep ponds connected by brooks, six tourist function zones.

Jingdong Canyon in SpringInside the canyon are numerous caves, deep pools, craggy peaks, splashing waterfalls, and an enormous reservoir. Hundreds of hectares of pine trees grow in the canyon. Under the upright pine trees there may be a small villa or a cute log cabin with tents and hammocks inside where the explorer can take a rest.

FruitsIt's lovely in all seasons: budding with life in spring, mantled in green in summer, blazing with color in autumn and starkly beautiful in winter as the evergreens and rock formations contrast with the white of snow. However, the best season to explore this vast natural wonder is in early autumn, in August or September. Available activities depend on the season, with boating and fruit picking (late summer and fall) being among the most popular.

WaterfallThe reservoir's 30-meter-high dam provides deep water and renders the zone also a great place for those fond of water sports. You can follow a clear-running stream down the canyon, exploring hollows and caves along with the way. Thatched-roof cottages, tents and hammocks are available as resting spots.

If you are looking for a break from the city, a taste of nature, a view of some mountains and a breath of semi-clean air, then your choice is to check this spot out.


Jingdong Canyon in WinterAdmission: 45 RMB
Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 6:30 p.m. 
Tel: 010-60968317
Peaking season: April-October
Address: Yuzishan Village (yú zǐ shān 鱼子山), Pinggu District (píng qū 平谷区).
Bus 918 from Dongzhimen (dōng zhí mén 东直门).
Bus 14 from Dongdaqiao (dōng dà qiáo 东大桥).
Bus 111 from Chongwenmen (chóng wén mén 崇文门).
1.Please protect facilities in the resort and keep the environment and do not leave rubbish.
2.You had better ware sports shoes, it is more comfortable.
3.Please comply with the local rule of law. 

Last Updated on Wednesday, 26 August 2009 17:27

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