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Home Practical Chinese Daily Figurative Slangs (19)
Daily Figurative Slangs (19)
Learn Chinese - Practical Chinese
每日惯用语 (19)
兜圈子 Go around in circles
【注音】dōu quān zi
You may have such experience that in a strange city where you go for a business trip, the taxi driver takes you go round and round, you’re complaining about the long distance or the terrible traffic jam, while the driver is very happy to say “thank you” when you paid. So you know the driver is making a detour on purpose. When you got the same feeling when dealing with or talking to someone, you know he’s beating about the bush.
Ex.:Just speak out whatever you want to say. Don’t beat about the bush.
定心丸  Easing-mind pill
【注音】dìng xīn wán
This is a kind of Chinese medicine that helps ease people’s mind. For someone who is vexed and worried, anything that is capable of setting his mind at ease can be called an easing-mind pill.
Ex.:Yu Lan finally agreed to marry Da Shan on the first of May, setting his intranquil heart at ease.


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