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Ayi looking for a job!

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Ayi Looking for a JOB !
Name: Xiao Wu
Hometown: Xuancheng(hometown of four treasures of study) , Anhui Province

1、Have been working for foreigners as an Ayi for 20 years, have enough working experience. Customers come from all over the world (include USA,France,Australia,Ireland,Germany,Denmark, etc).
2、House type that have been cleaned include villa,foreign-style house,apartment.
3、Working type: twice or three times per week(judging by the circumstances).
4、Average working time for each customer is about 3 to 6 years(usually because customers go back to their countries due to some job need).
5、Have recommendation letter if wanted, and can provide the phone number of former customers if wanted.

Only work on workdays(no working on national festivals), no babysit, no cooking.

If you need a Ayi, email or call Xiao Wu's daughter---Anita Tang(6pm-11pm from Monday to Friday, 24hours available on Saturday and Sunday.

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