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Loft in Binjing CBD for rent

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District: Shangcheng District

Layout: 3 bedroom 2 bathroom

Size: 120M²

Rental: 13000RMB/month

Property detail:
Hyatt Golden Plaza stands at the North side of Qiantang River, the core area of Binjiang District. And located at the junction of Binsheng Road and Tongjiang Road, just next to the Binjiang District government. It is walking distance to the park along the river. It is originally with trihedron structure, one side faces to the river and two sides face south. And every apartment in Hyatt Golden Plaza is with a big terrace which is 4.78 meters high. It is total different with the traditional LOFT structure. It combines its own land advantage, creating an unprecedented super high-rise throne landmark.

Contact us:
      Email: or
      Mobile: 15988475774 (wechat)
      Tel: +86 571 85812800
      Fax: +86 571 85812900
      Add: Room 1016, Jingui Mansion, Xihu District, Hangzhou


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