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Assist you with China visa issues

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Is your China visa going to expire soon? Do you want to continue to stay in China?

Do you need to change your current tourist visa type so you are allowed to work in China?

We assist you to get a 6 months X visa which allows you to study and work part-time in China legally.

During this visa validity period, you can choose to take our Mandarin classes or do paid internship that we recommend.

What's more, we can assist you to extend your L visa in Shanghai and provide invitation letter for F/M visa.

The program consists of two parts:

- One semester(4-month) intensive Chinese study. Based on your Chinese level, we arrange suitable classes for you.

The courses are taught in Shanghai Maritime University, located in city center.

- Recommend job interview in large companies. It is paid job depending on your ability.

Our prices are reasonable and affordable, and our services are considerate and all around.

If you are in need or have interests, feel free to contact me for more information
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