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HSK Sample/Past Papers plus Questions


I would be really grateful if you could tell me links where I can find HSK sample papers and (more important) past papers online, since where I live it is not accessible and the official page links are dead. :'(

Other questions would be:
1. When is the 2008 Oct-Nov HSK Basic??
2. How to apply with a Chinese name if I don´t have one??

Finally, I would really welcome your experiences with this exam, especially with the Basic one. Okay, I know it´s VERY Basic, unsiginificant and meaningless, but I really would like to do it for personal challenge, and that requires some preparation, doesn´t it? :loveliness:

Thank you so much for your kind help in advance!!! :kiss: :)

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Oh, I´ve forgotten, it would be also nice if there are links where I can do such type of tests online!!! :)

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i think you can try this website

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try this one it does help

Hey how are you? i noticed you are concerning the information about HSK test and so am i.But i think it would be best for us to have an online mock test before we attend HSK test,what do you think? So now we are holding a mock test on 7pm,25th April,2008 for people who are interested in it and wanna get good result in HSK test on 26th,27th.
I am wondering if you would be one of us ,if you do please JOIN US! Add me as a friend and feel free to send your name and nationality to we will send you an invitation letter as soon as we got your mail.

pls see more details as follow:
FREE ONLINE HSK Mock Testing Authorized by China HSK center

Free+Online=no matter where you are,do themock testing for the best performance in the
HSK on 26th and 27th.

Time(Beijing Time):7pm,25th,April
Position Limitation:15
HOW TO BOOKING? send your name and nationality to

PS:we provide our HSK attendeesmock testing only once for free,please make sure that your
time is available at that time.

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HSK mock test online

OMG! This would have been great! I regret it so much that I haven´t checked out this thread sooner... :( Won´t there be any again, before the October test???

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